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Finger unicorn- Interactive Baby Unicorn- Free shipping
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Record your voice- Cute Colourful Finger Sloth - Free shipping
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Genuine WowWee Smart Fingerlings- Interactive Baby Monkey- Free shipping
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Beautiful colours, interactive and cute. They are all fun to play with.

We have a lovely collection of fingerlings monkey, an unicorn, and a sloth. They make cute noises and hang from your hands very easily. They can be a great compliment for your games, and excellent interactive toys to make your children fall in love with a new partner dude. These toys come in different colours, and depending on the availability you will be able to choose the colour you like the most. They make noises and are easy to carry, because they have this very great design that allows them to hand on your hand or fingers, and to carry them with you anywhere. Children adore these toys because they are interactive, and because children usually like to take a toy with them whenever they are going out. Now they can take these cute toys with them and enjoy the many functions of these fingerlings.

Enjoy our Free Shipping!

 You can collect of six of them to get more fun, and to have the whole collection of the monkey fingerlings family. They are all cute and come with their own names already. 

  • Zoe who is turquoise with purple hair.
  • Mia who is purple with white hair.
  • Finn who is black with blue hair.
  • Boris who is blue with orange hair.
  • Bella who is pink with yellow hair.
  • Sophie who is white with pink hair.

Gigi is the unicorn, and Marge is the sloth.

Have fun giving them new names if you want

Ask your children to make playdates with their fingerlings to share them with friends. They will love the many adventures to have together. Fingerlings toys are really good as an option for a gift because children love to play with them.

These toys are interactive and fun

Children like to gather and share their own fingerlings while playing wit their friends who also have fingerlings. These interactive fingerling toys are a great compliment for playdates. They can be an excellent birthday or Christmas present for a little one that enjoys interactive toys. You will enjoy watching them playing with them. Some kids like to have the whole collection, and that can be a great way to get the whole family of fingerlings together to play with each one of them or the complete family together. 

Free shipping for all orders

Bornsquishy store has a great service and offer free shipping for all orders, which is very convenient fo you if you are looking to save some money somewhere. We are always adding more new products, and you can have a look at our toys gallery to find your favourite one and to order it. Then sit home and wait for your toy to be delivered. It is that simple. Our toys are all great and they are way cheaper than other toys out there in the market. We do offer great quality and low prices. Just browse through our categories, and check the range of toys that we are sure will make things harder for you to choose because they are all great!